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This site is edited by Brad gough, host of for Professor Ludmilla Selezneva, PHD, Moscow State University, pictured below.

I first met Dr. Selezneva in July, 2002. She was a guest lecturer aboard the Viking River Cruise ship Serge Kirov. My wife and I were touring with a group sponsored by The National Geographic Society called Treasures of Russia's Waterways. We were so impressed by her knowledge, insight, and demeanor that we decided to attend all of her lectures -- a smart decision. I urchased two of her books, Growing Up Russian and Lectures About Russia and Russians. The first I reviewed on the main page. The second is on my Christmas reading list and I will review it in the future.

After hearing Dr. Selezneva speak and reading some of her writings, I thought she deserved a wider hearing. I told my wife that I would design a web page for her. Here it is. Professor Selezneva will use the site to update interested parties on her writings and lectures. I hope from time to time she will present a Russian perspective on current international affairs. I am interested in feedback from those who have had contact with Professor Selezneva. Email me at -- I would like to post some of your comments. Brad


I was born in 1956. I graduated with honors from the History Department of Rostov State University (Rostov-on-Don, Russia) in 1978. I was enrolled in the postgraduate program there from 1979-81 and received a PhD in history in 1982. My research focused on the development of Lenin’s political thought within the period 1894-1917. Starting in 1981 I was a Lecturer, and then Senior Lecturer, in the Department of History. In 1992 I was appointed Associate Professor, and in 1997 Full Professor. I teach the following courses:

History of Russia (9-20 century)
Russian history of the XX century
· History of political movements and parties: Liberals, Monarchists, Socialist Revolutionaries, etc.
· Political biographies: Nicholas II, Milukov, Struve, Lenin, Chernov, Martov, Stalin, Khruchshev, Gorbachev, Eltsyn, Putin, etc.
· Modern political history of Russia (1985-2002)

I received my second PhD (Second doctorial degree) in 1996 from the Russian State University for Humanities, in Moscow. My dissertation was titled “Russian Liberalism and European Political Tradition.”

In September 1997 I joined the faculty of the Russian State University for Humanities, in the Department of History, Political Science and Law, where was appointed Chief of the Department for the Culture of Peace and Democracy, established in cooperation with UNESCO and stayed in this position until September 2001.From September 2001 till
Present- Professor of History and Politics at the University of Television and Broadcast (Moscow)

Since 1991 I have focused on Western democracy as viewed by late 19th - early 20th -century Russian liberals, who were West-oriented, in order to define the phenomenon of “political adaptation” and help create the basis for a modern “culture of adaptation.” Russian liberals carefully studied world political experience, their main interest centering on the United States, Great Britain, France and Germany. Since 1997 I have focused on Gorbachev political biography and history of perestroika.

During 1991-2002 I participated in more than 70 national conferences and 25 international conferences (Suzdal, 1992; Moscow, 1994-2002; Vienna, 1998, St.Andrew,2002).

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Publications: 10 books and more than 50 articles. (Click here for more extensive list.)

· Main book: Western Democracy By The Eyes Of The Russian Liberals. [Rostov-on-Don,1995]

· Most recent books: Orbits Of A Civic Society, [Moscow, 2000], Dialogue. Compromise. Consensus. [Moscow, 1998]; Western Democracy in the Eyes of Russian Liberals. [Rostov-on-Don, 1995]; Political Parties of Russia in Historical Context (co-author). [Rostov-on-Don, 1998]; Lectures about Russia and Russians (English). [Moscow, 1996, 1997]; Letters from Ludmilla: Growing Up Russian (English). [Moscow, 1997]

· Main articles (Click here for detailed list.):

Russian Post-Soviet Foreign Policy: Between Doctrinaire and Pragmatic . Eurasia’s security. [St. Andrews. 2002}
Are Human Rights Necessary in Russia? [Polemic Notes]
Orbit of Civic World. [Moscow-UNESCO, 1999]
World Experience in the Non-Violent Solution of Social Conflicts. [Social Conflicts. Issue 5.] Russia at the Crossroads: Political Conflicts, Explosions, Upheavals. Russian Academy of Science, [Moscow, 1993.]

Foreign travel and lectures: (Click here for detailed list.)

From 1996-2002 I have given more than 100 lectures and talks in USA, UK, Canada, Austria.
(in English)

From 1993 to present I have worked as guest lecturer for the “Noble Caledonia Ltd”
(UK, London) giving 200 lectures per year in Russian politics and history for British and American tourists (in English)

I may be contacted at:

Fifteenth Parkovaya str. 52. bld.1. apt.42
Moscow 105523 Russia
Tel.: +7 (095) 468-21-29

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