Joe Batory’s Third “Joey Book” has arrived.

The Joey Book trilogy is now complete. Joe Batory’s third book Joey Lets It All
Hang Out!
(0-8108-4718-3) has just been released by Scarecrow Education (Lanham, Maryland & London, UK, or 1-800-462-6420). And just like in his critically acclaimed first two books, Yo! Joey! (1999, 0-8108-4267-X) and Joey’s Story(2002, 0-8108-4420-6), Joey comes out swinging one more time.
   The trademark of Joe Batory’s Joey Books is what one reviewer called his
“hard-hitting, in-your-face writing about the politics and distortion and hypocrisy
surrounding public education in America.” Joey Lets It All Hang Out! delivers some round house punches to the politicians and government bureaucracies of Pennsylvania and Washington, DC, corporate America, shoddy journalism, and public education bashers in general. None of this is really that surprising. As the superintendent of schools in Upper Darby, PA from 1984 to 1999, Joe Batory was often a lightening rod mainly because he was a staunch advocate of public schooling in America and never hesitated to go express his insights and beliefs.
    Joey Lets It All Hang Out! offers some very candid portraits of school leadership in the real world. It also becomes very personal in parts as it reveals Joe Batory’s difficult ascent from the streets of Philadelphia to the superintendency in Upper Darby, PA. And, as in his first two books, there is plenty of “Philly” flavor in this newest work with the colorful and shady Sal, Rocco and Guido meandering through Batory’s narrative.
    “Joe Batory’s newest book will entertain you and tug at your heart...and at your head,” wrote Paul Houston, Executive Director of the American Association of School Administrators after reviewing Joey Lets It All Hang Out!
     Frosty Troy, Editor of The Oklahoma Observer, in his review, notes that Joey Lets It All Hang Out! “will make you laugh and cry, but most of all, be reminded that everything that America is or ever hopes to be depends on what happens in public school classrooms.”
    “Joey Lets It All Hang Out! is thoughtful and well-written, and presents an
extraordinarily lucid analysis of school leadership,” said John Nawn, former president of the Upper Darby Board of School Directors.
     “Interesting, reflective and heartwarming,” writes Dr. John DeFlaminis,
superintendent of schools in Radnor Township. “Joe Batory’s third Joey Book really does let it all hang out.”
     “Joe Batory is a magnificent writer,” said Dr. Matthew Costanzo, former
superintendent of schools in Philadelphia. “His books should be must reading in the graduate schools of education, but also for anyone who cares about public education.
      Batory has just returned from the National Conference of the American Association of School Administrators (AASA) in New Orleans where he was promoting his first two books among the thousands of school administrators in attendance. His books sold out in the AASA Bookstore on the first day of the conference.
    “So many positive reviews of my first two books has been a very gratifying
experience, but I am really looking forward to the release of my third Joey Book in just a few weeks,” said Batory. “Joey Lets It All Hang Out! is my best book to date, and will be the completion of a kind of catharsis for me. I can’t wait.”
    When Joe Batory departed the superintendency via an early retirement in 1999,
accolades for his professional career came from a host of groups and organizations locally and across America including the White House and the United States House of Representatives. And, in the year, 2000, Joe was honored with the prestigious Lifetime Distinguished Achievement Award from the American Association of School Administrators.


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